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Big Johns are the leading clutch experts within Leicestershire for clutch replacement, using original parts where available.

We will provide first rate servicing in line with your vehicles recommended schedule.

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We can provide the most efficient way to either repair or replace your existing gearbox.

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Manual Gearbox Repairs & Replacements in Leicester

Gearboxes are an extremely complex and fundamental part of any vehicle, consisting of an array of gears inside a metal casing attached to the engine.

The gearbox enables you to build up speed whilst keeping engine RPM as low as possible. Lower gears are large in size and therefore turn slowly, which is useful for moving the vehicle at low speeds. Higher gears are small in size and turn quickly, whilst higher gears enable the vehicle to move high speeds, they are unable to move a heavy vehicle from a stationary position. Gearboxes can encounter a number of problems, which could be caused by worn shift levers, clutches or incorrect oils.

First Class Mechanics

Here at Big John's Auto Centre we offer a first class manual gearbox repair or replacement service. Our mechanics are experts in this field and have been working with gearboxes for customers in Leicester for over 20 years. We are able to provide you with fast and efficient fault diagnosis and repairs, or offer you a replacement on all types of manual gearbox. We can even provide a 'while you wait service', for your convenience.

If you need to get your gearbox checked out, you're in safe hands at Big Johns Auto Centre. We have invested in the very latest testing equipment to ensure that faults are diagnosed and problems are fixed efficiently and accurately.

We endeavour to always use genuine manufacturers parts when we replace damaged or faulty components, so you can be sure that the quality of your gearbox is not compromised in any way.

If you'd like a gearbox service, repair or replacement in Leicester, contact our friendly team today. We'll be happy to provide a free, no-obligation quote.

Call us for a quote now on: 0116 223 7700 or email us via the contact page.